The new Belvedere Vodka commercial, starring Daniel Craig and directed by Taika Waititi, was a scene from Craig’s latest film, it would be the best scene in the movie.

The commercial has a postmodern strike-a-pose viral aesthetic it‘s two minutes of bliss frozen in time. As Craig saunters and dances through a swank hotel in Paris,

it becomes the rare commercial in which a movie star isn’t being used to sell a product so much as he’s using the commercial to sell a shift in his own image.

The commercial is Craig’s way of announcing who he is or might be, now that he’s done with the role of James Bond.

Craig, of course, does have a film about to come out, so you could say that Glass Onion A Knives Out Sequel in which he returns to the role of the wily Southern gentleman detective Benoit Blanc

The bond brand is so mythological, and Craig, because he’s a great actor, merged with it so powerfully that it can feel like the only role he’s done

the greatest actor to play Bond before Craig, took a long time to find his footing after he left 007 behind. When you look at the actor Connery ultimately became